What we're all about...

Thanks for stopping by to check out our new website and our blog.  Here on The Prescription Pad, we'll be giving you advice, commentary, insight, and general musings about all things bicycle and bicycle industry related.  Primarily you'll be listening to my voice, metaphorically speaking of course, but there will be guest authors from time to time. 

This being our first official blog posting I'll keep it very brief.  

Cycling is awesome and we're glad that you found our page on this very large world wide web.  We're glad because it will enable us to easily share our crazy enthusiasm for a fantastic sport.  

While we are rambling on, a special thanks has to be extended to Zac Olsen.  Without Zac this entire website would be nothing and this blog actually wouldn't exist.  Zac is a valued member of the team here at Bike Doctor and every time the bikedoctorbelair.bike address gets typed into the browser window our appreciation for his talent grows.  Be sure and check him out on our staff page.    

That's all for now.  Keep checking in and we will keep writing.