Service and Repairs

Bike Doctor Bel Air offers great service for all your bicycle repair needs, servicing all types of biccyles, e-bikes included. Our service manager Andrew, along with our full staff of mechanics, take great pride in being knowledgeable in the practice of their craft.  Before an repair is undertaken we always provide you with a written estimate outlining the work to be done.  These estimates are provided at no cost to you and come with no obligation.  When it comes to your bike, you decide exactly what service you would like performed.  Bike Doctor strives to always get your bike out on the road or trails in a 48 hour time window to keep your season rolling.  

Services Offered

Full Overhaul - $199.99

This is the most comprehensive of any service that we offer.  With a full and complete overhaul of your bicycle we will strip all the parts off of your bicycle and take it down to the frame.  The frame will receive a thorough cleaning and then a detailed inspection.  All threads will be greased and then the installation of parts will begin.  This service does require the purchase of new cables, housing and bartape where applicable.  In the case of a full suspension mountain bike we will also grease suspension bearings.

Tune Up with Drivetrain Cleaning - $99.99

Often we see bicycles that are in need a of tune up that could also benefit from a little extra cleaning.  Our light frame cleaning is great to preserve your paint but does not do much for the moving parts on your bicycle.  While providing your free estimate the service writer may notice that you are in need of having your drivetrain cleaned.  This service can help prevent premature wear on the moving parts such as the chain, cassette, derailleur pulleys and chainrings.  While we do offer the drivetrain cleaning as a separate service, when it is coupled with the tune up it is performed at a discounted rate. 

Tune Up - $79.99

With this service we take all of the work from our Single Speed Tune Up and also account for the fact that bikes receiving this service have gears.  Shifters and derailleurs will be adjusted and cables will be lubricated to ensure smooth shifting.

Single Speed Tune Up - $49.00

This is our most basic service for bikes that have no gears.  With this service we will ensure that your brakes are adjusted and working properly.  After that we will ensure that the cables and chain are lubricated and the frame will be given a light cleaning and wipe down.  Moving on we check all of your bolts and bearings and make sure everything is torqued and tightened properly.  We finish all of our repairs with a test ride and final safety check.

Service Benefits

At Bike Doctor we value every customer's riding experience and offer some special service benefits for customers purchasing new bicycles at any Bike Doctor location. With the purchase of a bicycle, the customer receives free lifetime brake and gear adjustments and half priced Bike Doctor Tune Ups. These benefits are for the life of the bike, for the original owner, and can be used at any Bike Doctor location.