E-Bikes what are they about?

You are no doubt starting to hear more about E-Bikes, short for Electric Bikes.  Very soon you will start to see more of them on the streets.  Electric Bikes offer some unique features that have the cycling community expanding and excited.  

An E-Bike is simply a bicycle that has a motor built into the design of the bike.  This motor is almost always a Pedal Assist motor meaning that you actually have to pedal to move the bicycle.  The motor then amplifies your effort making the bicycle easier to move. These motors are produced by established brands such as Bosch, in which we are now certified in servicing to keep our promise of delivering the best service possible!

E-Bikes are bringing cycling to people who thought it was beyond their reach and those who thought they had to leave it all behind.  E-Bikes are also starting to make their presence at the office known since they enable you to commute into work without breaking a sweat.  

Commuting is practical and bringing cycling to more people are valiant efforts but we have not covered the most important aspect of E-Bikes.  E-Bikes are FUN.  Plain and simple.  We have E-Bikes in stock and available for demo at our store and we have yet to see anyone come back without an ear to ear smile.  So come in and see what the talk is all about!

 The Townie Go! is availble for DEMO in store

The Townie Go! is availble for DEMO in store

townie go!

Power when you need it. Pedals when you don’t. Townie® Go! is a battery-powered, pedal assist bike that lets you ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. The ninja quiet Bosch Performance System offers four levels of power support from Eco to Turbo mode, allowing you to flatten hills and shorten commutes depending on how much leg work you’re willing to put in. Multi-gear functionality lets you control output and battery life. And of course, it looks as awesome as it rides.

The comfort of Townie’s Flat Foot Technology® frame combined a lower center of gravity and balloon tires, provides an upright and smooth ride that makes it impossible not to smile when riding a Townie Go!. So get on and Go! Pedal less. Do more.

Electric Hybrid and commuter Bikes

Electric bikes amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. Trek e-bikes make more possible. They're quick and smooth, with predictable, easy-to-control power and a long-lasting removable battery that recharges at any household outlet.

Dual Sport+ is the ultimate electric hybrid: Part city bike, part adventure trail ride. Fast 700c wheels, suspension, and a light, strong frame make it the go-anywhere choice.

Where do you want to go? Now that's a decision you can make after you begin your ride. On or off the road, Dual Sport+ can conquer it all with confidence.

E-Mountain Bikes

Powerfly eMTB builds on its success with a new full suspension lineup that borrows from Trek’s proven off-road legacy.

The full suspension Powerfly makes mountain biking even more fun. The Bosch Performance CX pedal assist e-bike system makes for a supremely capable electric bike that allows you to go farther and have more fun.

Powerfly eMTB expands your boundaries. It combines Trek's proven design with the reliable propulsion of Bosch pedal assist electric bike technology, turning every mountain into a hill and every ride into pure enjoyment.

End of the trail? Not for you! Especially if you're searching for an e-bike with the extra power to let you go even farther. Powerfly takes you everywhere and a little bit beyond.