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Onsite we have a Trek Certified Fit Professionals, Fred Hasson and Tyler Kuhn, to assist you in all your fit needs. Fred and Tyler have multiple certifications through Trek, Precision Fit, and BikeFit in road, triathlon, and mountain fitting, as well as cleat and pedal interface dynamics.Between these two, they have performed hundreds of fits during their career in the cycling industry. Whether it is a triathlon, hybrid, road or mountain bike, Bike Doctor can help you get the most out of your riding experience.

Fit Prices

Road Bike Fit - $99 (1.5-2 hours)

Our Road Fit is the ultimate way to maximize a rider’s bike in regard to ergonomics, efficiency (power), and comfort. The process begins with a full interview to learn about the rider’s medical history, chronic problems, and other physical issues that could affect his or her position and comfort on the bike. We then do laser measurements of cleat placement, in the fore and aft plane as well as side to side. Moving up from the foot/pedal interface, we measure the rider’s leg and torso angles to arrive at the perfect saddle height and fore/aft position. Only then do we adjust the rider’s reach and bar height to find the best blend of comfort, power, and ergonomics.

The rider is made aware of each change throughout the fit and consulted for his or her input. A Bike Doctor fit is a process, not an event. The initial fit session is the first step of the process. The rider is encouraged to go out and ride, let the fit settle in, and report back on any tweaks or changes that might be necessary.

Triathlon or Time Trial Bike Fit - $149 (1.5-3 hours)

Like the Road Fit, our Tri Fit starts with a close cleat adjustment and works its way up through saddle position, but it takes into account the vastly different, more forward and aggressive rider position on a tri bike. We carefully adjust torso and arm angles in the aero position by small movements of the armpad rests and extension lengths. We use the rider’s input to maximize comfort and aerodynamics for the type of events in which he or she participates (sprint, half- or full-Iron and so on) with the goal of enabling the rider/racer to stay in the aero position comfortably throughout an entire event.

On bikes with electronic shift systems, our Shimano- and SRAM- certified mechanics are on hand to do any re-routing that may be necessary.

*A fitting is included with the purchase of any road or triathlon bike from Bike Doctor Bel Air*


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